Unfinished – Engineered Wood

We can offer hundreds of different variations of unfinished engineered floors. With more than 30 different species available and over 100 different dimensions possible, the options are endless. Thermo-treated and smoked woods are also options to get different tones of browns through the entire piece of oak top-layer, where stain/oil will only color the top of the veneer. We also offer 2 different types of engineered floors, the traditional 2-layer type made with a wood veneer on top and a high-quality plywood back, and the 3-layer type made with 3 layers of hardwood with the center layer turned perpendicular to the top/bottom layers to create a more stable floor using less glue than the plywood construction. FSC and CE certifications are available.

Thickness: 3/8” – 1”

Width: 2” – 16”

Length: 2’ – 16’

Species:European Oak, Walnut, Reclaimed Oak/Elm, Purpleheart, Doussie, Merbaur, Jatoba, Iroko, etc.

*Custom sizes available upon request

*Any species available upon request if not listed in brochures