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Coastal Custom Products offers a premium portfolio of flooring, decking, wall paneling, and live edge slabs. Tested in markets around the world, our products will surely enhance your living and office space.
10+ Years of Experience
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Your Trusted Source for Premium, Eco-Friendly Building Materials

At Coastal Custom Products, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the building materials industry. With a commitment to sustainability and excellence, we provide a diverse range of premium, eco-friendly building materials sourced from top manufacturers worldwide.
Our Products

How Our Products Enhance Your Industry

Laminated Bamboo Lumber

Elevate your designs with the sustainable allure of laminated bamboo lumber. This eco-conscious material offers both…

Decorative MDF Panels

Add a touch of sophistication to your creations with our MDF panels. These versatile boards are perfect for crafting

PVC Products

Elevate your designs with the sustainable allure of laminated bamboo lumber. This eco-conscious material offers both…

Our Suppliers

We collaborate with renowned overseas manufacturers who share our vision of sustainability and quality.
Why Choose Us

How Our Products Enhance Your Industry

Premium Selection

We bring you the finest building materials from a diverse group of manufacturers who prioritize quality, design, and innovation throughout their organizations.

Eco-Friendly Focus

The products we work with are made using natural or recycled materials from manufacturers who practice sustainable processes, such as using the waste materials to heat kilns and other renewable energy sources.

Material Experts

With years of experience in various related industries, we understand the intricacies that affect our customers most and the need for continued education through courses, studies, networking, and detailed research. We love to talk about building materials, it’s the best way to learn.

Global Reach

Our partnership with manufacturers on almost every continent and direct container shipments allows us to expand distribution and connections around the world, while keeping up with international trends.

Our Team

Meet Our Team




Born and raised in Greenville, SC, Blake grew up around the construction industry through his family’s construction business. Hobbies: camping, learning new things, woodworking



Sales Assistant

Jorthy is a strong member of the team, specializing in customer service, sales support, and virtual assistance.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jorthy is an avid guitarist, reader, and music enthusiast. He thrives on continuous learning and exploring emerging technologies.

Currently, Jorthy is a valuable member of the teaching team at Yázigi, where he teaches Spanish and English, contributing to language education and global citizenship.



Marketing Assistant

Rea is originally from the Philippines, currently residing in Saudi Arabia.
She had 4 years of experience in the Customer Service and Technical Support industry. On her free time, she writes for a well-known music page from the Philippines and also volunteers for cat communities. Hobbies include listening to music, attending concerts, playing video games and writing!




Bamboo Blake oversees the operation and supervises the team, making sure that everyone is using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. May sometimes get mistaken for actual Blake.

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PVC Panels

Project ‘Smooth – Nile’ NL

Thermotreated Wood Decking

Project Bespoke 36283 UK
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Frequently Asked Question

CCP was founded in [Year]. Our company’s history is rooted in a commitment to sustainability, excellence, and serving as a trusted source for premium building materials.
Our mission is to empower build ing material distributors and manufacturers in the U.S. with premium,eco-friendly building materials. We’re dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and quality.
CCP is a company specializing in representing overseas building materials ma nufacturers in the United States. We offer a diverse range of premium, eco-friendly building materials to empower various industries.
Yes, we are committed to sustainability and offer eco -friendly building materials that contribute to a greener future.
Yes, we offer international shipping. Contact us for details and shipping options to your location.
Our products are known for their durability, sustainability, and innovative features. They are designed to meet and exceed construction standards.
You can reach our customer support team through phone, email, or our website’s contact form. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.
Our return and exchange policy depends on the product and manufacturer. Please review our return policy or contact our customer support for assistance.
Our shipping policy includes information on shipping methods, costs, and delivery times. Please review it on our website or contact us for details.
Yes, we provide tracking information for all shipped orders. You’ll receive this information once your order is dispatched.
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