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Coastal Custom Products offers a premium portfolio of flooring, decking, wall paneling, and live edge slabs. Tested in markets around the world, our products will surely enhance your living and office space.

Exclusive distributor of European and African decking, flooring and wall paneling.

Since 2022, Coastal Custom Products has been working with manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and Africa to bring high-end flooring, specialty wall paneling, unique live edge slabs, and tropical hardwood lumber/decking to the United States.



We offer a wide range of composite, solid wood, and bamboo decking and accessory products (such as framing, railings, posts, or trim).


We offer a wide range of high-quality flooring, including various parquet designs, prefinished/unfinished engineered planks, prefinished/unfinished solid wood planks, waterproof WPC/SPC, and bamboo. FSC and CE certifications are available.

Live Edge Slabs

We have partnered with a logging and wood processing company in Africa to bring a wide range of African wood products into the United States. The species available consist of commonly known species (such as Sapele), and less known species (such as Azobe, which is comparable to Ipe). The slabs are ideal for conference tables, counter tops, hanging doors, and much more.

Wall Paneling

We offer a wide range of wall paneling, including bamboo, composite WPC, tropical African hardwoods, and engineered wood panels.

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