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Decorative Panels MDF: Elevate Your Interiors with Style and Durability

Our Decorative Panels MDF collection redefines interior design possibilities. Coastal Custom Products (CCP) presents a range of melamine-covered MDF panels that combine the durability of MDF with the aesthetic appeal of premium finishes. Explore the endless creative potential of our MDF panels.

Benefits of Melamine - Covered MDF


Our panels are built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring they stay beautiful for years to come.


Melamine-covered MDF offers a smooth, consistent surface that's perfect for a variety of applications, from cabinetry to wall panels.

Easy Maintenance

Enjoy easy cleaning and upkeep, making our MDF panels a practical choice for busy spaces.

Standard Designs

Our standard designs include a variety of wood grains, concrete, fabric, and more, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your project.

Wood Grains

Embrace the warmth and natural beauty of wood with a range of realistic grain patterns.


Achieve an industrial -chic aesthetic with our concrete-inspired


Add texture and sophistication to your interiors with our fabric -textured panels.

Premium Designs

For those seeking a touch of luxury, our premium designs take your interior spaces to the next level.

Pelle Collection

Indulge in the richness of leather-inspired textures for a luxurious ambiance.


Experience the elegance of a super matte finish that exudes sophistication.

Ultra High Gloss

Create a stunning, reflective surface with our ultra-high-gloss panels for a sleek and contemporary look.

Specifications (To Be Updated)


Ready to Transform Your Spaces?

Explore our extensive collection of melamine -covered MDF panels and start crafting interiors that are both visually captivating and built to last. Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, CCP’s Decorative Panels MDF offers endless possibilities for your creative projects.
Contact us today to inquire about availability, request samples , or place an order. Elevate your interiors with style and durability using our melamine – covered MDF panels from Coastal Custom Products.
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