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Our Trusted Suppliers: Elevating Excellence in Building Materials

At Coastal Custom Products, we take pride in our commitment to delivering the best in quality, sustainability, and design. Our dedication to excellence extends to our partnerships with renowned manufacturers worldwide. We carefully select suppliers who share our vision of redefining construction standards and positively impacting the environment.

Our Suppliers

We collaborate with renowned overseas manufacturers who share our vision of sustainability and quality.

Bamdura (Netherlands)

Supplier of laminated bamboo lumber

Braspan (Brazil)

Provider of decorative MDF panels

BOTO Plastics (China)

Source for PVC products

Heywood Vloeren (Netherlands)

Supplier of XXL wood flooring planks

Florian (Italy)

Producer of premium wood flooring

Why We Choose Our Suppliers

Our partnerships with these esteemed manufacturers are driven by a shared commitment to i nnovation, sustainability, and quality:
Our suppliers prioritize eco - friendly materials, allowing us to offer products that align with environmental responsibility.
Our suppliers embrace innovation in manufacturing, resulting in materials that enable unique design possibilities.
Quality Assurance
We trust our suppliers' dedication to quality, ensuring the satisfaction and success of our customers' projects.

Discover Excellence with Coastal Custom Products

Explore our supplier network and discover the premium, eco-friendly building materials that redefine excellence in construction and design. Partner with us to access the best in quality, sustainability, and design.
Contact us today to explore our product catalog, request sampl es, or place an order. Let’s together create projects that inspire, elevate, and stand as a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.
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