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Introducing Braspan: Craftsmanship from Brazil

Braspan, hailing from the heart of Brazil, is a renowned manufacturer of exquisite decorative MDF panels. With a rich legacy of craftsmanship and a commitment to design excellence, Braspan has earned its reputation as a leading creator of interior and exterior decorative solutions.

Decorative MDF Panels

Braspan’s specialty lies in crafting decorative MDF pa nels that add elegance and character to spaces. These panels find applications in a wide range of design possibilities:

Residential Spaces

Elevate homes with the timeless beauty of Heywood Vloeren's wood flooring, creating inviting living areas, cozy bedrooms, and welcoming entryways.

Commercial Projects

Enhance commercial spaces with the durability and sophistication of wood flooring, setting the stage for a professional and inviting atmosphere.


Elevate interiors with stunning wall treatments, accent walls, ceiling designs, and custom cabinetry.


Enhance the facades of buildings, outdoor structures, and landscaping elements with durable and aesthetically pleasing panels.

Braspan's Product Range

Standard Decorative Panels

Premium Decorative Panels

Acoustic Panels

Why We Partnered with Braspan

At Coastal Custom Products, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best in quality, sustainability, and design. Our collaboration with Braspan is rooted in several compelling reasons:
Braspan's commitment to crafting intricate and aesthetically pleasing panels aligns perfectly with our mission to provide premium, decorative building materials to the U.S. market.
Design Versatility
Braspan's diverse range of decorative MDF panels empowers us to offer our customers a wide array of design possibilities, ensuring each project stands out uniquely.
Quality Assurance
We trust Braspan's dedication to quality and their reputation for delivering exceptional decorative solutions.

Experience Braspan's Craftsmanship

Discover Braspan’s exquisite decorative MDF panels and immerse yourself in the world of design possibilities. Join us in bringing the beauty of Brazilian craftsmanship to your projects and create spaces that captivate.
Contact us today to explore Braspan’s product catalog, request samples, or place an order. Let’s together infuse your projects with the elegance of Braspan’s decorative MDF panels.
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