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Partnering with Building Materials Distributors

At Coastal Custom Products, we understand that building materials distributors are the backbone of the construction industry. Your mission is to source quality products and meet the diverse demands of architects, builders, and homeowners. We’re here to empower your success with our premium, eco-friendly building materials.

How Our Products Enhance Your Industry

Laminated Bamboo Lumber
As an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional wood, our laminated bamboo lumber offers durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. It's the ideal solution for distributors seeking to meet the growing demand for green building materials.
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Decorative MDF Panels
Our MDF panels are a blank canvas for creative projects. They're perfect for interior applications, such as cabinetry, wall cladding, and furniture components, allowing distributors to ca ter to the needs of interior designers and builders.
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PVC Products
Our PVC boards, trim, siding, and panels are versatile and durable, making them the go-to choice for distributors supplying materials for both in door and outdoor projects. They meet the high standards expected by architects and builders.
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Wood Flooring
Our engineered, solid, unfinished, and prefinished wood flooring options offer a range of choices for va rious residential and commercial projects. Distributors can provide premium flooring solutions to meet the demands of homeowners, builders, and designers.
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How We Solve Your Pain Points

Product Quality

We partner with trusted manufacturers worldwide to ensure the highest quality of materials.


Our commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious building materials.

Diverse Range

Our extensive product offerings cater to a wide array of project requirements and customer preferences.

Technical Support

We provide comprehensive technical support and product information to aid in your sales efforts.

Ready to Elevate Your Offerings?

Join Coastal Custom Products and discover a world of premium, eco-friendly building materials. Partner with us to provide your clients with the best in quality, sustainability, and versatility.
Contact us today to explore our product catalog and discuss how we can help you meet your customers’needs with our exceptional building materials. Together, let’s build a sustainable tomorrow.
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